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AC compressor noise

This is a discussion on AC compressor noise within the General Discussion forums, part of the Ford Expedition Forum category!
When I turn on the AC I get a fairly loud clicking sound that emits from the compressor. I got ...

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Default AC compressor noise

When I turn on the AC I get a fairly loud clicking sound that emits from the compressor. I got under the car to listen and it's coming from the compressor clutch when it engages, the clicking stops when it cycles. Since I have not had this car from new I don't know if this is normal. It's fairly loud so I doubt it's supposed to make this noise. Since I have a $100 deductible on the extended warranty I thought I would ask first since I don't want to spend $100 at the dealer to analyze and be told it's "normal". This is on a 05 XLT with 5.4.
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no its not suppose to make a loud noise... it could be as simple as the clutch needs rebuilt or the compressor could be on its way out

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Try spraying WD-40 on the clutch (while the engine is turned off unless you like to shower in it). If the noise stops you got your answer. Mine does the same thing. I'm just waiting till it goes out to replace it.
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Sorry, when I say repace it, I mean the clutch, compressor, ect... Just replacing the clutch (I've heard) is a pain and not worth it. The last time I checked, theres only a $50 difference between buying the clutch and the whole assembly. Good luck!
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That magnetic clutch needs to stay clean and oil free. Don't spray it with WD or it will slip and could burn itself up.
You're much better off using a carb cleaner spray or brake kleen on it to get all the gunk out of the assembly. Not to mention that you don't want WD on the serp belt.

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I have never seen a vehicle with the AC compressor mounted on the bottom of the engine like this, one would think this makes it very open to debris and water getting into the clutch, so I was thinking it could be something that is lodged between the clutch and housing. I would not spray it with WD for reasons noted, but the carb or brake clean idea might work. I will call a local AC shop first, if all else fails I guess it's $100 for me to have Ford replace it under the warranty if it's not a normal sound that is.
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Default Air conditioner compressor noise

The noise you hear from the a/c compressor when it is first turned on is caused by where the compressor is located. I bought a new 2004 Ex pedition and it made this noise Ford calls (get this) CHUGGLE. I brought the truck back to the dealer so many times and was a pain in thier ass they finally printed out the service bulletin. It said "this cannot be repaired if you try to repair it, it will still make this chuggle sound and Ford will not reimburse you for the work if its under warrenty". The sound is caused by the liquid refrigerant and oil collecting in the compressor under certain conditions. Because the compressor is the lowest point in the system, poor engineering. The shop manual addresses this issue, in the manual its called "slugging". Ford was supposed to program the ECM to engage the compressor clutch while the engine is cranking to push out the liquid and oil slowly. Apparently this doesn't work. the dealer said this "will not hurt the compressor". I just retired after being an auto and truck mechanic for 47 years and this is BS the compressor is very delicate and won't take that for too long. It happens when the sun heats up the interior of the car causing the gas in the a/c system to expand forcing the liquid into the compressor if you notice this don't happen at night or in colder weather. To prevent it and save the compressor shut off the a/c before you park the car for several hours, when you restart the car DON'T turn on the a/c until the engine has fully warmed up, about 5 minutes. Hope this helps
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