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Brake Squeal

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I took my truck in for squeeky brakes, and they said the pads are 50% but the rotors are to ...

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Default Brake Squeal

I took my truck in for squeeky brakes, and they said the pads are 50% but the rotors are to thin to turn. So i didnt replace them yet. What can i do next time so they wont squeel. Are dealer pads better about not squeeling, these pads were on there when i bought it.
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Can a thin or warped brake rotor cause squeal.
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Brake pad squeal usually comes from either

1. pebble/rock stuck between brake pad and rotor
2. brake pad vibrating/resonating in place, thus causing the squeal.

You can place some anti-squeal compound on the back of the pad to keep it from squealing, that might help. I use anti-seize compound since I've got more of that in the garage and does the same thing. It also keeps the brake pad from rusting itself onto the caliper.

To my knowledge, thin/warped rotors alone won't cause the squeal.
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Another cause for "squealing" brakes is from "glazed" pads. Glazing can be caused by riding your brakes, or maybe forgetting to release the rear parking brakes, etc. Basically, it causes a shiny fused surface caused by overheating. Many times the only way to stop this is to get new pads unfortunately. :(

In terms of your rotors, I found the factory ones wear quite readily. I use an aftermarket brand, Brembo, and have been quite pleased with the wear rate, plus, they don't seem to rust as much. I am sure there are other good replacements as well. Note, I opted for the OEM replacement. Since I don't own a $160k 150mph+ race car, I don't see the need to put on the cross-drilled/slotted rotors that seem to be the rage (but then I shun the 22" open rims that are needed to show them off as well :p ).

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