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fuel pump wiring diagram

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Does anybody by chance have a wiring diagram for the plug going to the fuel pump? I'm not getting fuel ...

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Default fuel pump wiring diagram

Does anybody by chance have a wiring diagram for the plug going to the fuel pump? I'm not getting fuel pressure and can't hear the pump run, however I just replaced it last fall. I would like to make sure it's the actual pump before replacing it again, I'm worried that perhaps it is the non-serviceable relay 303 or some other component.

I pulled the tank down some last night to get to the harness which has 4 wires. I tried testing every combination of them to see if I got 12V when the key was first turned to on but didn't have any luck. I would really like to know which wires I should really be checking before going in one direction or another.

Thanks for your help, I used this site last time when I had to replace the pump when I found a great write up on how to. Thanks again for that.
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Default fuel pump

check your 30 amp fuse for anti theft under dash. make sure contacts are tight. my fuse was ok contact to panel was loose fuse needed a shim. My 2000 doesnt have anti theft but it has the fuse to disable the pump. its bundled with random elecs. good luck
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What year?

I'm not responsible if you break something :)
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diagram for a 2003 Exp. :)
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