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1998 Anti-Theft System Problems

This is a discussion on 1998 Anti-Theft System Problems within the Engine & Performance forums, part of the Ford Expedition Forum category!
Hello! I have a 1998 Expedition XLT and have been having problems with the Anti-Theft System. If we leave the ...

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Default 1998 Anti-Theft System Problems


I have a 1998 Expedition XLT and have been having problems with the Anti-Theft System.

If we leave the tailgate/hatch open for an extended length of time (20 minutes or more), the truck won't start and just the Anti-Theft light flashes on the dashboard, but we can jump start it and then it's just fine.

This also happened when I turned the truck off, but left the keys part way in the ignition.

From reading the Owner's Manual, it seems that we're supposed to have some special key to put into the ignition and then take out and then it will start.

Does anyone know about this??? Any advice is much appreciated!
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I have similar problems with the anti-theft system. However, mine are more cold related (overnight in winter). When the light is blinking, the theft system does not recognize the key (each ignition key has an embedded chip)
I think that the proper way (and expensive) to do it is to have the dealer check the antitheft system. But, a tow truck driver taught me a nifty trick. Put the key in the contact and leave it there for couple seconds. Also turn the contact on and off without starting the engine . This will eventually "fool" the computer.
Although annoying, i've been doing this"key playing" for 2 years now. It only happens maybe 5-6 times/year so it is not that bad. I think is either a computer problem or some kind of contact/short circuit.
BTW: the dealer can only diagnose it when the problem is occuring and not after the car has started.
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I am experiencing problems with the anti-theft system on my Eddie Bauer 1999 Expedition. The anti-theft system will kick in at any time and shut down the engine. The local Ford company has already replaced something in the ignition switch. But it has happened again since they worked on it. The cost of the first repair - I cannot find the paperwork to describe what was done - cost around $120.00.

Has anyone else experienced problems with the anti-theft system "kicking in" and shutting down the engine? Even after repairs were made? Can anyone give me any information on this? Can this problem be corrected?

Thank you,

delsie wright
Delsie Wright
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I have a 2000 Expedition 4.6 liter engine and it has been suggested that my problem might be related to the anti theft system. I'm not sure. The truck idles good in park or neutral but when put in any gear, it immediately dies. Ford suggested the intake air valve was faulty. This was changed and not the problem. Others suggested, including Ford that it could be in the transmission by way of a locking converter. The converter and the solenoid was changed, but still the problem exists. Could the anti theft system be shutting the engine off when the transmission is engaged? Or if you have any other suggestions, please help. Thank you!
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Do any of you have a remote starter?
Was told this could cause problems with anti theft.
Just a thought.

F. Farkell
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Yes I just put a remote start compustar in my 1998 expo.
The THEFT light still blinks but everything runs fine.
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I've had the same prob.with my 1997 eddie bauer expedition for years. In the winter with the Anti-Theft lite flashing fast & my truck wont start & i've even done the nifty trick of tricking the computer by playing with the key in the ignition & the doors but eventually it stops working. I have a friend who does auto electrical and he diagnosed the prob. By replacing the RECEIVER in the steering collar he also disconnected my factory installed remote start. IT COST ME $300.00 PROBLEM SOLVED SO FAR

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