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'99 expedition fuel system problem

This is a discussion on '99 expedition fuel system problem within the Engine & Performance forums, part of the Ford Expedition Forum category!
I have a `99 5.4 L Expedition and I am having trouble with figuring out what is wrong with my ...

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Default '99 expedition fuel system problem

I have a `99 5.4 L Expedition and I am having trouble with figuring out what is wrong with my car. For example, the other day my miles to empty reading said 19 miles left, I then reset my trip log on the dashboard to see how far I actually went before it hit zero. The problem is I only went 6.8 miles before it was on zero. I am only 17 so I don`t know a whole lot about the finer parts of my expedition, so I took it to a mechanic who told me my car was only running on 7 cylinders so I had all the spark plugs replaced ( first time since my parents purchased the car in `99) and the #2 coil. So when I got my car back I thought that would fix my problem but it didn`t help it at all. Yesterday I put more gas in and I was at 273 miles when I left the gas station, I reset my trip gauge and when I had gone 12 miles my reading said 255 miles. I do not understand what is going on! Could it be a leak in my gas tank? A clog in the fuel pump? I honestly have no clue, so please help me if you can!

Thanks, and sorry if this is confusing to any of you.
P.S. I did not take the car to the mechanic purely for the fact this was occurring, there were several other things wrong with the car as I have only been able to drive it sparingly since I replaced the alternator a month ago.
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The miles to empty gauge is really just a guesstimate of what your fuel economy will be. If you drive with a heavy foot, you may go 12 miles yet the gauge will take off 20 or so. Take it for a drive on the highway. Do the same thing you have been doing. Reset the trip log, take note of how many miles till empty, and take a nice easy 50 mile cruise. You will probably find that you will drive 50 miles, but only 30 or so will come off of your miles till empty reading if you don't have your foot to the floor the whole time.
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