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2001 Expedition Horn Problem

This is a discussion on 2001 Expedition Horn Problem within the Electrical forums, part of the Ford Expedition Forum category!
First time at this so bare with me. For a while now my expedition has had a muted horn only ...

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Default 2001 Expedition Horn Problem

First time at this so bare with me. For a while now my expedition has had a muted horn only when locking it with the keyless entry Fob 2x's. If you were to just normally Honk the Horn using the button on the wheel it sounded fine. Today the horn stopped altogether. If you press the button on the wheel you get the muted horn and click that I used to only get when I used the remote fob to lock it. I checked the fuse, it was good. I pulled the horns and cleaned connectors at every connection. I can Jumper the horns to the battery and they both work together as dual horns should. I Pressed a vacume handle against the horn button while I checked the connection the horns plug into with a test light, and I am getting power to the connection that hooks to the horn and it read on my meter as 12.36 Volts. OK so here is the real deal, I can hook the little harness the connects the two horns together into the wire that it is supposed to plug into under the bumper, and as long as I don't hook that crossover connection to both horns, eigther horn will work independently of one another. but if I plug both horns in as they are supposed to be it goes back to the muted horn with a click thing. For now I just have the low tone horn hooked up and the high tone connection is just dangleing under there. Have to have the horn so I left it like this so I can pass state inspection soon. Any Ideas guys??? Thanks Bob
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Hello Bob, Hey mate do you ever figure out the horn issue. On my 01' same thing is going on. sully
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No, never figured out the problem! I can disconnect the horns and hook them up to the battery and they work. Today I had more issues with them, and when I went to pull them off, one had water in it that drained out in my face! I blew it out with an air compressor, and it worked again. I think my trouble is deeper into the electrical system, because with the horn button pressed, I show to be getting 12.5 volts. When I tried hooking an air horn compressor that runs on 12 volts, the power was not enought to spin the compressor over fully. It is kind of like when the power from the switch is effected by a load on the circut, there is a voltage drop somewhere. I have had the windsheild wipers delay on coming on before, cruise control off switch doesn't work(have to tap brake to disengage) and the digital odometer goes off and on by itself. I don't know if the problems are related somehow, and nobody ever responded back with advise, so I'm at a loss!
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im not too sure but if you go over to virtualford.org, and ask for a guy named thermo, he knows everything there is to know about electrical and expeditions. if he doesnt know the answer right away, he will definitely find it for you.

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Thanks for the info, I'll check it out!
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